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Kazoku judo club is a local community club established in 2011 by international judo coach Eva Minarikova.

Since then, Sensei Eva has built a strong and competitive judo club and visited various competitions, seminars and courses nationally and internationally with her members. The membership has grown from 5 members to an amazing 60 members over the last few years! Kazoku judo club offers classes for all age groups, starting from age 4. Parents and adults will find their place in our community too. We are very popular with family classes as more members from the same household train together. Head coach, Eva, offers various pathways of development, such as becoming a competitive athlete, referee, coach or just simply enjoying judo as a hobby.

Everyone is welcome here at Kazoku Judo, including people with disabilities. Eva has a wide area of expertise teaching visually impaired people, deaf people and people with various physical and mental impairments. Not just adults, but also teenagers are keen to become coaches which is encouraged! Kazoku judo club has so far 1 level 4 UKCC coach (sensei), 1 level 2 UKCC coach, 1 level 1 UKCC coach and 1 trainee coach who will soon become level 1 UKCC coach. Come, join us and find your own pathway through our club development.

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We are always looking for new members. whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced Judoka, we welcome you!

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